Wayne Hogan founded Mango Media after spending more than 30 years in public relations, communication and college athletics administration. In today's society organizations simply can not overlook the importance of an effective external strategy. Well-managed communication is the key to success in business, in relationships and in life.


Simply put, Mango Media’s mission is to create a better process of communication for your organization through strategic planning and quality control of your message. This is enhanced through the creation and cultivation of relationships which protect and improve your brand. Mango’s CEO Wayne Hogan has spent more than 35 years in the study and practice of public and media relations and is recognized as one of the foremost authorities in strategic organizational communication.


Whether your mission is sales, fund-raising, political pursuits or you are simply trying to run a better, more efficient company Mango Media can help. Mango Media will work with your team to provide quality control for your organization so that none of your internal and external communication is left to chance, as is all too often the case in business today. 


Mango Media understands that there is a need for a communication strategy in every organization both large and small. To succeed today there must be a consistency of message, a strategy for delivery and a protection and enhancement of your brand in every endeavor. We ask the question: What is your goal and how do you communicate that mission in a way that best portrays your brand? The answer: You must manage the message at every level.  


In today’s world, verbal and written messages are flying out of our doors at a pace never dreamed possible. Each one of those messages has an impact on your brand, your endeavor and eventually your bottom line. Not to mention on you personally as well as every individual associated with your cause. Certainly no one wants to leave such an important component to chance. Mango Media will help your team create a communication strategy, not only for your day-to-day operation but for improving internal cohesiveness and cooperation, enhancing traditional and social media awareness and crises management. 


In short, Mango Media can help improve your organization’s image, efficiency and appearance which will in turn translate to increased success in whatever space you occupy. Where else can you go to tap into this type of experience and expertise at a fraction of the cost of a high-salaried executive or multiple full-time staff? We can craft a simple contract relationship that will best fit the needs of any individual or organization.


Let Mango Media help you build relationships and create a communication strategy that will immediately enhance the perception of your organization and provide a roadmap to success. 


"A well-managed communication and public relations strategy is absolutely essential in today's world.

Without one, you are putting your organization and your brand at risk.  

Put Mango Media's vast experience to work for your company. You'll be glad you did."