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Mango Media’s mission is to create a better process of communication for your organization through strategic planning and quality control of your message. This is enhanced through the creation and cultivation of relationships which protect and improve your brand. Mango’s CEO Wayne Hogan has spent more than 35 years in the study and practice of public and media relations and is recognized as one of the foremost authorities in strategic organizational communication.


• Consultation and evaluation of communications plan

• Audit of internal communication within organization

• Evaluation of brand identity and brand management

• Mission Statements

• Talking Points

• Newsletters, blogs, ghostwriting

• Social media evaluation and posting

• Evaluation of media communication and relationships

• Crisis Management Plans

• Event Planning

• Media Training

• Database Services

• Lead Generation

• Targeted Email, Text and Telephone Marketing

• Creative Services

• Appearances, Speeches and Presentations on behalf of

• Narration and Voice-over services

• Introductions and Testimonials




A strong, powerful, well-communicated brand is everything. A brand is not a logo. It is consistency of message, a strategy for delivery and constant attention to how you interact with the world. Mango Media has guided and enhanced some of the nation's strongest brands. There is no substitute for experience. Don't leave your PR strategy to chance.